Blister LOG advertising logo

Blister LOG advertising logo, is a business for their own design and customization on behalf of a certain meaning of the logo symbol, play a role in identification and promotion, through the image of the logo can let consumers remember the main body of the company and brand culture. Blister LOG advertising signs on the market generally use acrylic or PC material processing completed. Acrylic, also known as special treatment of organic glass, organic glass replacement products, acrylic in many advertising signs can be seen, made out of fonts and images have a very good effect, with acrylic production of advertising light boxes with good light transmission, pure colour, colorful, beautiful and flat, taking into account the two effects of day and night, long service life, does not affect the use of characteristics, with acrylic sheet advanced screen Printed to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic LOG advertising logo is to improve the business shop grade, unified corporate image of the better form of shop advertising.

Acrylic and PC material its the same point: high transparency, good thermoplastic, can change its shape or size through high temperature, has good processability, corrosion resistance. But the PC board is more resistant to impact better not fragile, because its surface is covered with a layer of high concentration of ultraviolet absorbers, in addition to the characteristics of anti-UV and can maintain a long time weathering, never fade. It is generally used for sunrooms and sound barriers on highways and roads. The price of PC board is also higher than the acrylic board, blister LOG advertising signs specific choice of materials need to be determined according to the specific needs of the business.