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At Hengtuopu, we’re dedicated to more than just plastic thermoforming. We’re committed to being your trusted partner throughout the entire journey of product development, from initial prototype design to the final delivery of your thermoformed components or assembly. Our team of experienced engineers, manufacturing technicians, and support staff will collaborate closely with your team to tailor the right design, material, and process for your specific industry and requirements. We aim to maximize the benefits of plastic thermoforming while minimizing production costs and time. With over 19+ years of expertise in plastic thermoforming manufacturing, design, and development, let us leverage our knowledge to bring your project to life.


Plastic Thermoforming Design and Product Development Process

With over 19+ years of experience in plastic thermoforming manufacturing, design, and development, we have the expertise to bring your vision to fruition. We will develop the optimal design, select suitable materials, and identify the most efficient manufacturing processes tailored to your industry and specific requirements.Our expertise lies in maximizing the advantages of plastic thermoforming while minimizing both costs and production time for your product.

Thermoplastic materials offer a wide range of options to meet the stringent requirements of various industries, including aviation, mass transportation, medical devices, and industrial equipment. With regards to strength and durability, thermoplastic materials can be engineered to possess exceptional mechanical properties, ensuring they can withstand demanding environments and applications. Impact resistance is another critical characteristic, and thermoplastics can be tailored to provide excellent protection against impact and shock.

The mold or tooling is a critical component in the plastic thermoforming process as it lays the foundation for producing high-quality parts consistently. Our team will collaborate with you to create precise temperature-controlled aluminum tooling that is tailored to your unique design. Aluminum is a popular choice for tooling due to its excellent thermal conductivity, which allows for efficient heat transfer during the forming process. This helps ensure that the plastic material reaches the desired temperature evenly and consistently, leading to uniform part quality. We pay meticulous attention to detail in designing and constructing the tooling, aiming to achieve the exact tolerances required for your project. Our experienced engineers utilize advanced CAD/CAM software and CNC machining techniques to create precise molds that reflect your design specifications accurately.

The thermoforming process is where your part truly comes to life. Once the mold has been carefully installed and calibrated into a dedicated manufacturing cell, it is time to initiate the forming process. In vacuum forming, a vacuum is created between the heated material and the mold surface. This vacuum pulls the material tightly against the mold, conforming it to the desired shape.On the other hand, pressure forming involves using air pressure to force the heated material onto the mold surface. This technique enables the formation of more intricate and detailed parts with sharper features. Pressure forming is ideal for parts that require precise definition and complex geometries.

After the thermoforming process and cooling, it is common for the formed parts to undergo trimming to achieve the final desired shape and incorporate specific design features. At Hengtuopu, we employ advanced techniques and equipment to ensure precise trimming that meets your exact specifications. To achieve accurate and consistent trimming, we utilize multi-axis robotic systems, as well as CNC trimming machines. These automated systems offer high levels of precision and efficiency, enabling us to trim the parts with repeatability and accuracy.

Once your part is formed and trimmed, Hengtuopu  offers secondary operations such as installing attachments and hardware, bonding fixtures, and assembly of multi-part projects. These services reduce cost and lead time by consolidating your supply chain. Coupled with our in-house painting and finishing operation, your parts will arrive at your facility in near turnkey condition.

we offer a comprehensive range of finishing options to ensure that your parts not only meet functional requirements but also exhibit an exceptional aesthetic appeal. Our in-house painting operation is equipped to provide various finishing and branding solutions to elevate the appearance of your parts.When it comes to color finishes, our painting experts can apply a wide array of colors to your parts. Whether you require vibrant hues, subtle tones, or custom shades, we have the capabilities to achieve the desired look. Our skilled technicians ensure the application of color finishes with precision and consistency, resulting in a high-quality and uniform appearance across all parts.


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