Our company specializes in providing exceptional vacuum forming solutions for the automotive industry. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced professionals, we offer cost-effective and efficient manufacturing processes. The cost control advantages of vacuum thermoformed plastic car parts combined with CNC technology are significant. our thermoformed service offers a mold development cycle 1/8 of injection molding, enabling rapid prototyping and production. The development cost is only 1/10 of the injection molding process, making it a highly cost-effective solution. Benefit from rapid production, no expensive molds, and the cost advantage of thermoforming.

Our vacuum forming services ensure precise and durable automotive plastic parts production. By utilizing advanced technology and innovative techniques, we can produce complex and intricate designs to meet your specific requirements. From interior components to exterior panels, our manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of automotive plastic parts. The main types of thermoplastic we supply to the automotive industry and their supply chain are ABS, Carbon Fiber,Acrylic Capped ABS, Polypropylene and HDPE.