Thermoformed Food and Drink Equipment Components

Design & Size Customized 2D or 3D drawing provided by client,Within size 3000*2000*1000 mm.
Material ABS, PS , PMMA, PVC, PC , PP,HDPE, PETG, PET Optional
Thickness From 1mm to 12mm
Feature Eco-friendly, Durable, Safe to use, Superior quality.
Sample Time 7 days, Free Sample
Cost Ddvantage The mold development cycle is 1/8th of the injection molding process, and the development cost is 1/10th of the injection molding process. The qualification rate is as high as 98.5%.
Color&Logo Customized
Surface Texture Fine Sand, Matte,Lichee, Diamond, Leather, Finely, Glossy, Coarseetc.
Packing Poly bag+Export carton,Wood box or as customer’s requirements
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Product Details of Thermoformed Food and Drink Equipment Components

Thermoformed OEM Food and Drink equipment Components

Our thermoformed food and drink equipment components offer reliable and high-quality solutions for the food and beverage industry. Created through the thermoforming process, these components are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of food and drink applications.

These components are custom-formed to fit seamlessly with food and drink equipment, providing precise and efficient functionality. Whether it’s trays, inserts, lids, or other components, our thermoformed products are designed for easy handling, durability, and long-lasting performance.

Benefits of our thermoformed food and drink equipment components include:

Customization: We offer flexible design options to meet specific requirements, such as shape, size, compartments, and branding. Our components can be tailored to fit individual equipment or suit particular food and beverage applications.

Durability: Our thermoformed components are engineered to withstand rigorous daily use. They are resistant to impact, moisture, temperature variations, and cleaning chemicals, ensuring a long lifespan in demanding environments.

Hygiene: We prioritize food safety and hygiene, designing components that are easy to clean and sanitize. The smooth surfaces of our thermoformed products minimize the risk of food buildup, bacteria growth, and contamination.

Efficiency: Our components are designed to optimize workflow and enhance operational efficiency. They improve organization, speed up processes, and contribute to overall productivity in food and drink settings.

Compliance: Our thermoformed components conform to industry regulations and standards, guaranteeing compliance with health and safety requirements in food and beverage applications.

Our thermoformed food and drink equipment components are suitable for use in restaurants, cafes, catering services, food processing facilities, and various other food and beverage establishments. With our products, you can enhance efficiency, hygiene, and safety in your operations, ensuring the highest quality for your customers.

With over 18 years of experience in custom high-quality plastic forming oem/odm manufacturing services, our company offers a mold development cycle that is 1/8 of injection molding, enabling rapid prototyping and production. The development cost is only 1/10 of the injection molding process, making it a highly cost-effective solution. Benefit from rapid production, no costly molds, and the cost savings of thermoforming.


Hengtuopu Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise. Since its establishment, our factory has been adhering to the business tenet of winning by quality, respecting customers, honesty and trustworthiness, innovation and enterprising, and reasonable prices. In terms of production and management having lots of experience.

The company mainly undertakes injection molding and blister processing, various colors of ABS, PVC, PS, HIPS, HDPE, PE, PP, PC, PMMA, etc. and a variety of modified plastics, such as light board, leather board, and transparent board vacuum molding business. , The thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 8mm, and now has multiple blister machines and injection molding machines of various calibers. The factory has a number of 3-axis and 5-axis processing and cutting equipment that are currently the most advanced at home and abroad, which can cut products of various shapes according to customer requirements, which is sufficient to ensure the accuracy of your product assembly. The current products mainly include medical equipment shells, home appliance accessories, electronic product accessories, large buses in-car plastic accessories, auto modified car accessories, golf carts and scooter accessories, industrial hardware accessories, toy shells, pet trays, etc. The main customers include Jeep, Ford, George Patton, Turn5 (Global 500 auto retailer), BYD BYD, Golf GOLF, and other domestic and foreign large-scale auto modification auto parts designated suppliers; British Fine group, James Leckey, Hong Kong Xuri Toys Group, Queen of Sweden, a large coffee machine manufacturer, etc.

We are carrying out IS09001: 2015 quality system as a guideline.Our company has accumulated abundant of technical experience and cultivatedarrays of skillful technician. We have equipped new-advanced automatichigh-speed vacuum formed machines, CNC Engraving machines Laser WeldingMachine and post-processing machines. Advanced equipment with excellenttechnicians and good-team work produces prefer goods which are verysatisfied by our customers.

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