Large Plastic Vacuum Forming Shell Product

Design & Size Customized 2D or 3D drawing provided by client,Within size 3000*2000*1000 mm.
Material ABS, PS , PMMA, PVC, PC , PP,HDPE, PETG, PET Optional
Thickness From 1mm to 12mm
Feature Eco-friendly, Durable, Safe to use, Superior quality.
Sample Time 7 days, Free Sample
Cost Ddvantage The mold development cycle is 1/8th of the injection molding process, and the development cost is 1/10th of the injection molding process. The qualification rate is as high as 98.5%.
Color&Logo Customized
Surface Texture Fine Sand, Matte,Lichee, Diamond, Leather, Finely, Glossy, Coarseetc.
Packing Poly bag+Export carton,Wood box or as customer’s requirements
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Product Details of Large Plastic Vacuum Forming Shell Product

Large plastic vacuum forming shell product manufacturer

The Large Plastic Vacuum Forming Shell Product is a versatile and robust casing made from durable plastic materials. It is specifically designed to provide protection and containment for various items or equipment.

The shell is created using vacuum forming, a manufacturing process that involves heating a plastic sheet and forming it around a mold through the use of vacuum pressure. This results in a seamless and customized product that perfectly fits the shape and size requirements.

This large plastic shell can be used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

Electronics: It can serve as a protective enclosure for electronic devices, such as computer components, audio equipment, or industrial control panels.

Automotive: The shell can be used to house automotive parts, engine components, or even as an interior trim for vehicles.

Medical Equipment: It can be utilized as a protective cover for medical devices, diagnostic equipment, or specialized tools in the healthcare industry.

Retail Displays: The shell can be utilized as an attractive display case for retail products, helping to showcase and protect merchandise.

Industrial Applications: It can provide protection for industrial machinery, tools, or equipment that require durability and containment.

The large plastic vacuum forming shell product can be customized to meet specific design requirements, including shape, size, color, and surface finish. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and resistant to impact, chemicals, and various weather conditions.

Overall, this product offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting, containing, and enhancing the visual appeal of various items or equipment in different industries.


Vacuum Formed Plastic Pallets are weather-resistant, clean and durable, are bug-free and require no fasteners which translates into a larger upfront investment then wood, but in most cases are far longer lasting. Meanwhile, Wood Pallets give off moisture, can splinter, hide bugs and require fasteners that can damage your products.

Hengtuopu Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a modern plastic products manufacturer founded in 2005. It is specialized in producing thick vacuum forming plastic products by adopting advanced technique (vacuum forming and CNC machining). The products are sold all over the country, and we have good and stable cooperative relations with customers in many countries.

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