Battery Insulation Covers

デザインとサイズ 顧客によって提供されるカスタマイズされた第 2 か 3D デッサンはサイズ 3000*2000*1000 mm の内で、描きます。
厚さ 1mmから12mmまで
特徴 環境に優しく、耐久性があり、安全に使用でき、品質が優れている。
サンプルタイム 7日間、無料サンプル
コスト Ddvantage 金型開発サイクルは射出成形の1/8、開発コストは射出成形の1/10。認定率は98.5%と高い。
カラー&ロゴ カスタマイズ
表面の質感 細かい砂、マット、Lichee、ダイヤモンド、革、細かく、光沢のある、Coarseetc。
梱包 ポリ袋+輸出カートン、木箱または顧客の要求として

Product Details of Battery Insulation Covers

New Energy Vehicle Battery Blister Cover is the core component that guarantees safety for new energy batteries and is one of the most important components of new energy vehicles. As a component of the battery module, the battery cover plays a key role in the stable operation and safety protection of the battery module.

PC is a strong thermoplastic resin with good mechanical properties, good impact resistance, insulation, voltage resistance, high transparency and free colouring, heat resistance, flame retardant, high refractive index and good processing performance. It is mainly used to protect the lithium battery from damage when it is bumped and squeezed by the outside world.

New energy PC blister battery cover is a direction of battery lightweighting. The thickness of traditional PC injection moulded products needs to be at least 1.5mm, while the thickness of blister moulding can be 0.25mm 0.5mm 0.76mm in a variety of thin and light specifications. Compared to the cost of injection moulds, blister moulds are cheaper and naturally the unit price of blister products is more cost-effective than injection products, which is a clear direction for the lightweighting of new energy batteries.

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