Plastic Housing For Food Delivery Robots

Design & Size Customized 2D or 3D drawing provided by client,Within size 3000*2000*1000 mm.
Material ABS, PS , PMMA, PVC, PC , PP,HDPE, PETG, PET Optional
Thickness From 1mm to 12mm
Feature Eco-friendly, Durable, Safe to use, Superior quality.
Sample Time 7 days, Free Sample
Cost Ddvantage The mold development cycle is 1/8th of the injection molding process, and the development cost is 1/10th of the injection molding process. The qualification rate is as high as 98.5%.
Color&Logo Customized
Surface Texture Fine Sand, Matte,Lichee, Diamond, Leather, Finely, Glossy, Coarseetc.
Packing Poly bag+Export carton,Wood box or as customer’s requirements
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Product Details of Plastic Housing For Food Delivery Robots

Robotic blister shells are designed for good design, good appearance, high strength and toughness, and low development costs. ABS shells are generally opaque, light ivory in appearance, non-toxic, tasteless, tough, hard and rigid, slow burning, yellow flame, black smoke, softened and burnt plastic after burning, with a special cinnamon smell, but no molten dripping.

There is indeed a considerable amount of knowledge to be mastered about machine shell processing technology, on the basis of which it is possible to make higher use of the technology and process superior quality machine shells to provide a stable base for all types of machines.

It is understood that machine shell processing technology is one of the key technologies that sheet metal technicians need to master, and that it is also an important process in the shaping of sheet metal products. Its main processing steps include the basis of processing, cutting down, bending, calendering, partial processing, processing equipment and other advanced technologies.

To ensure the quality of the machining of machine housings, in addition to the strict requirements in the production process, is the need for a quality inspection independent of production. On the one hand, the dimensions need to be strictly controlled in accordance with the product drawings, and on the other hand the appearance of the machine housing needs to be strictly controlled.

If any dimensional discrepancies are found during the product inspection process, they should be promptly reworked or scrapped; if there are bumps and scratches on the appearance of the machine shell, they should also be reprocessed. In addition, the inspection of colour difference, corrosion resistance and adhesion after painting is also part of the machine shell processing process.

This is why so much attention is paid to the inspection of machine housings, as it allows errors in the unfolding diagram, bad habits in the process and mistakes in the process to be corrected in future work and to improve the quality of the machine housing process.

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