Medical Equipment Housings

Design & Size Customized 2D or 3D drawing provided by client,Within size 3000*2000*1000 mm.
Material ABS, PS , PMMA, PVC, PC , PP,HDPE, PETG, PET Optional
Thickness From 1mm to 12mm
Feature Eco-friendly, Durable, Safe to use, Superior quality.
Sample Time 7 days, Free Sample
Cost Ddvantage The mold development cycle is 1/8th of the injection molding process, and the development cost is 1/10th of the injection molding process. The qualification rate is as high as 98.5%.
Color&Logo Customized
Surface Texture Fine Sand, Matte,Lichee, Diamond, Leather, Finely, Glossy, Coarseetc.
Packing Poly bag+Export carton,Wood box or as customer’s requirements
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Product Details of Medical Equipment Housings

This is a customised case for a medical machine from a customer’s drawing. The material used is abs, which is hard-wearing and highly rigid.

When it comes to medical equipment, quality and safety are of utmost importance. Custom medical equipment housings play a crucial role in ensuring the protection and functionality of the equipment they encase.

At our company, we understand the unique needs of the medical industry and the importance of custom solutions. Our team of experts works closely with medical professionals to design and manufacture housings that meet the specific requirements of their equipment.

Our custom medical equipment housings are made with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. We also prioritize safety, designing our housings to meet industry standards and regulations.

With our custom solutions, medical professionals can have peace of mind knowing that their equipment is housed in a secure and reliable enclosure.

Our custom medical equipment housings are designed to provide a secure and protective casing for a wide range of medical devices. With a focus on precision and durability, these housings are tailored to meet the specific needs of medical equipment, ensuring optimal functionality and safety..

With over 18 years of experience in custom high-quality plastic forming oem/odm manufacturing services, our company offers a mold development cycle that is 1/8 of injection molding, enabling rapid prototyping and production. The development cost is only 1/10 of the injection molding process, making it a highly cost-effective solution. Benefit from rapid production, no costly molds, and the cost savings of thermoforming.

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