Dikke plaat blaasvorming

Why is ABS blister moulding often used for large medical equipment housings

Thick plate blistering, also known as thick sheet blistering, is a technology where the thickness of the raw material used is more than 2mm and cannot be blistered on a fully automatic machine, but must be processed and produced by a semi-automatic blistering machine dedicated to thick plates.  The materials used for thick sheet blister moulding are mainly: ABS, acrylic, PETG, PVC, PC, PP, PE, PS, etc. in various colours and a variety of modified plastics such as light sheet, skinned sheet and transparent sheet.What are the materials that can be used for thick board blistering?

Thick sheet blister moulding can be used for the product design and manufacture of rear projection TV sets, displays, medical equipment, textile machinery, automotive accessories, precision electronics, medical equipment and cosmetic industry.  Thick sheet blister molding products mainly include refrigerator liner, TV and other household appliances blister, PS blister, ABS blister, shell blister, blister shell, thick plate blister, thick wall blister, acrylic blister, PMMA blister, etc. Our thick sheet blister products are widely used in medical equipment, food equipment, instrument shell, electrical appliance shell, car body sheath, pet tray, advertising light box, light decoration, refrigerator industry, air-conditioning industry and home appliance accessories, etc. The thick sheet blister products can replace the injection moulding process and save the cost of expensive injection moulds, and also replace the traditional hand-made products, with the advantages of advanced production technology, fast speed and reliable quality.