Car Blister Tray

デザインとサイズ 顧客によって提供されるカスタマイズされた第 2 か 3D デッサンはサイズ 3000*2000*1000 mm の内で、描きます。
厚さ 1mmから12mmまで
特徴 環境に優しく、耐久性があり、安全に使用でき、品質が優れている。
サンプルタイム 7日間、無料サンプル
コスト Ddvantage 金型開発サイクルは射出成形の1/8、開発コストは射出成形の1/10。認定率は98.5%と高い。
カラー&ロゴ カスタマイズ
表面の質感 細かい砂、マット、Lichee、ダイヤモンド、革、細かく、光沢のある、Coarseetc。
梱包 ポリ袋+輸出カートン、木箱または顧客の要求として

Product Details of Car Blister Tray

Our company specializes in providing custom Car Blister Trays that are designed to provide optimal protection and display for your automotive components. Our expert team of designers and engineers ensures that each tray is tailored to meet your specific requirements, providing a perfect fit and maximum protection for your products. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and strict quality control processes, you can trust us to deliver durable and precise Car Blister Trays that will enhance the presentation and performance of your automotive parts. Choose us for a reliable and customized Car Blister Tray that meets your exact needs.

A kind of blister tray for holding small auto parts, including the shell, the interior of the shell is fixedly connected to a rotating shaft body, connected to a tray body, the body includes a fixed shaft, an inner ring, a rolling body and an outer ring, the fixed shaft is fixedly installed in the interior centre of the shell, the inner ring is fixedly connected to the outer end of the fixed shaft, the rolling body is connected to the outer side of the inner ring, the outer ring is rotatingly connected to the outer side of the rolling body, the tray body includes the first The first tray includes a pivot hole, a spacer, a fixing plate, a bolt hole, a sleeve and a recess, the pivot hole is opened at the centre of the first tray, the spacer is fixedly attached to the upper end of the first tray and the spacer is located on both sides of the pivot hole. The bolt holes are provided at the rear side of the upper end of the first tray, the sleeve rod is fixedly mounted at the front side of the upper end of the fixed plate, the sleeve rod includes a flexible rod, a spring and a fixed rod, the fixed rod is fixedly mounted at the bottom end of the sleeve rod, the spring is fixedly mounted at the top side of the fixed rod, the flexible rod is fixedly attached at both ends to the top side of the fixed rod, and the spring is fixedly attached to the top side of the fixed rod. The ends of the elastic rod are fixedly attached to the side ends of the sleeve rod.










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