デザインとサイズ 顧客によって提供されるカスタマイズされた第 2 か 3D デッサンはサイズ 3000*2000*1000 mm の内で、描きます。
厚さ 1mmから12mmまで
特徴 環境に優しく、耐久性があり、安全に使用でき、品質が優れている。
サンプルタイム 7日間、無料サンプル
コスト Ddvantage 金型開発サイクルは射出成形の1/8、開発コストは射出成形の1/10。認定率は98.5%と高い。
カラー&ロゴ カスタマイズ
表面の質感 細かい砂、マット、Lichee、ダイヤモンド、革、細かく、光沢のある、Coarseetc。
梱包 ポリ袋+輸出カートン、木箱または顧客の要求として

Product Details of ABS Air Purifier Housing

The new crown epidemic is now rampant and has led to many people having to work from home, so many will choose to purchase an air purifier. This is an air purifier case that the customer came to us with a drawing to order, made of pearl white abs. The shape is beautiful and generous, and is made in one piece. Our company has many years of experience in the thick sheet blister industry, we think what you think and do what you do.

This is an air purifier pearl white abs shell we made for our customer, ABS is non-toxic, tasteless, with the appearance of ivory translucent, or transparent granules or powder. Density is 1.08~1.18g/㎝3, shrinkage is 0.4%~0.9%, modulus of elasticity is 0.2Gpa, Poisson’s ratio is 0.394, hygroscopicity <1%, melting temperature is 217~237℃, thermal decomposition temperature is >250℃.

Whether the shell of the air purifier is beautiful, the choice of material, often determines, the first impression of the customer, choose a good one thick sheet blister manufacturers is very important.

1. Mechanical properties

ABS has excellent mechanical properties, its impact strength is good and can be used at very low temperatures; ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability and oil resistance and can be used for bearings under medium loads and speeds. the mechanical properties of ABS are affected by temperature.

2. Thermal properties

The thermal deformation temperature of ABS is 93~118°C, which can be increased by about 10°C after annealing. ABS can still show some toughness at -40°C and can be used in the temperature range of -40~100°C.

3. Electrical properties

ABS has good electrical insulation and is virtually unaffected by temperature, humidity and frequency and can be used in most environments.

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