Processi e requisiti nella lavorazione delle custodie per dispositivi medici

Processi e requisiti nella lavorazione delle custodie per dispositivi medici

There is indeed quite a lot of knowledge to be mastered about medical device shell processing technology, on the basis of which it is possible to make higher use of the technology and process superior quality medical device shells to provide a stable foundation for all types of medical devices.

It is understood that medical device shell processing technology is one of the key technologies that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is also an important process for forming sheet metal products. Its main processing steps include the basis of processing, cutting down, bending, calendering, partial processing, processing equipment and other advanced technologies.

Medical equipment shell processing can start from the basic principles, process flow, the use of materials to understand and prepare, and then the material for punching, punching and fusion cutting, drawing and bending, roll bending and press bending, calendering spinning and expansion of the process, with a variety of processing equipment and technology to get the required parts.

To ensure the quality of the medical device housing process, in addition to the strict requirements in the production process, is the need for a quality inspection independent of production. On the one hand, the dimensions need to be strictly controlled in accordance with the product’s drawings, and on the other hand, the appearance of the medical device housing needs to be strictly controlled.

If any dimensional discrepancies are found during the product inspection process, they should be reworked or scrapped in a timely manner; if there are bumps and scratches in the appearance of the medical device shell, they should also be reprocessed. In addition, after spraying the colour difference, corrosion resistance, adhesion and other inspection work is also one of the links in the process of medical equipment shell processing.

The reason why so much attention is paid to the inspection of medical device shell processing is that it is possible to find errors in the unfolding diagram, bad habits in the process and errors in the process so that they can be corrected in future work and improve the quality of medical device shell processing.

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